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The history of frozen drink machines

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 2 April 2012

Categories: Frozen Soft Drink

In late 2011, history.com's Modern Marvels produced an episode focusing on the evolution of Convenience Stores.

The episode states that in the US, two thirds of service station sales are made at gas pumps, with the other third coming from snacks and beverages including customer classics – and one of our favourites – frozen drinks.

It goes on to state that 6 billion frozen drinks have been sold in the US since 1966, and the popular beverage generates $170 million per year in the US alone.

6 billion frozen drinks have been sold in the US since 1966!

You may be surprised to find that frozen drinks were initially invented by accident in the late 50's. However it is the blend of science and technology by our frozen drink machine manufacturer FBD, that now holds the secret to the creamy, fluffy consistency.

The below snippet of the episode includes this history of frozen drinks, and how the innovative machines behind them – our FBD's – work.

FBD History On Convenience

Read more about our Frozen Drink Machines here.

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