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Fountlok® - A revolution in beer founts. Patent Pending

Author: Lancer Beverage / Published Date: 19 June 2013

Categories: Beer Dispensing Equipment & Draught Beer Dispense Systems


Finally a simple and incredibly effective system for mounting beer founts to the bar!

For years installers have struggled working under bars in tight spaces with large spanners or multigrips, only to find the founts start moving within days of installation.

Fountlok - a fully stainless steel fount mount system will allow for up to 12 way single leg founts and 24 way dual leg founts e.g. Goalpost Beer Founts.

The Fountlok system is now fully implemented across our entire range of fabricated founts, from our popular long life full stainless steel T Bar Beer Fount range to the many bespoke solutions we manufacture for today's bars.

The Fountlok system will require a minimum 67mm Ø hole saw for founts up to 8 way, and 79mm Ø hole saw for founts 9 way and above.

The Fountlok system coupled with our range of stainless steel beer dispensing founts and Wine On Tap wine dispenser founts makes for the industry's first all stainless steel fount, with no brass components at all, reduced weight, reduced heat mass and no plating to wear or flake off.

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AS5034 beverage gas standard - A timely reminder

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 14 June 2013

Categories: Beer Dispensing Equipment & Draught Beer Dispense Systems

Ok, so the 2011 deadline for venues to comply with the requirements of the new Australian Standard - AS5034 Installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing - is well behind us, and worryingly there's a huge number of venues out there that are still not compliant.

Recently a Geelong company was convicted and fined $80,000 following the death of a worker who was overcome by carbon dioxide gas in the cellar of the Royal Mail Hotel. For more information about the case click here.

Lancer Beverage Managing Director, Joe Thorp, believes this is an unfortunate reminder of the dangers involved in our industry.

Lancer Beverage has actively promoted compliance with the standard for several years now, undertaking thousands of system reviews and upgrades. We are also proud to see so many of our industry partners taking the standard - and therefore the safety and well being of their employees and customers - seriously.

And now compliance has just become simpler again with the release of the maintenance free Lancer LogiCO2 gas monitor.

The LogiCO2 Monitor is simple to use with a single button for routine operation and testing. Its bright and loud distinctive alarms will ensure your staff are warned, before it's too late.

With patented automatic calibration you can enjoy long term maintenance free operation without the need for a costly service call for calibration every six months like other units in the market.

In addition to installing a gas alarm system, operators should ensure their gas board features fully compliant regulators, down stream relief valves, anti whip leads and appropriate ventilation.

Operators should also ensure:

  • employees are adequately trained in the use and maintenance of gas and gas systems
  • gas cylinders are stored in a naturally ventilated location (where possible)
  • cylinder stocks are kept to a practical minimum
  • cylinders are appropriately restrained and stored upright
  • cylinders and gas systems are inspected and maintained regularly

Lancer Beverage offers a range of cellar safe solutions to assist operators comply with the standard.

To view our full range of AS5034 compliant products, click here.

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Australian International Beer Awards winners now announced

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 6 June 2013

Categories: Beer Dispensing Equipment & Draught Beer Dispense Systems

Hoshizaki Lancer wishes to send a warm congratulations to all the winners of the 2013 Australian International Beer Awards, who were announced at a dinner in Melbourne this week.

The AIBA awards aims to showcase beer and brewing excellence in the Asia-Pacific region. This years awards saw more than 1480 brews entered from countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, the US, and Vietnam.

Judged by a panel of 42 Australian and international industry experts from around the world.

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