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What's Happening - Updates & Conversations

U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year is off and running for 2016!

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 26 October 2016

Categories: U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year, Company News & Media

We would like to wish best of luck to all of the amazing fundraisers!

It brings us a lot of satisfaction and makes us very proud of everyone involved, to be supporting U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year as Principal Sponsor for the 7th year.

Last year, during the 2015 campaign $1.9 million was raised to help Australian families impacted by blood cancer. We can’t wait to see how big this year’s campaign grows!

To continue giving to this fantastic cause we will award the first place winning venue in each state with either Hoshizaki or Lancer Beverage Systems products or services to the value of $7,500.

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A letter from our Managing Director

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 12 October 2016

Categories: Company News & Media

A thank you and a hope...

I would like to say a huge thank you from myself and on behalf of Guide Dogs to those kind and generous people who have donated to my Boss’s Blind Date campaign in order to raise funds and awareness for such an important and worthy cause.

Thanks to you, together we have raised $11,000. Let's see how much more we can help this cause and endeavour to reach $15,000!

To give you an update, last week I received training at Guide Dogs SA office along with my two human guides Glenys and Margarita on how to deal with certain obstacles I will encounter on my Blind Date as I go about tasks without vision.

Although I was wearing a blind fold - It was an eye opening experience. It was also challenging, which further reaffirms why this is such an important cause to support, for the thousands of people who live the everyday challenge of being visually or hearing impaired who need our assistance.

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Hoshizaki Lancer’s Safety Milestone 5 years with no LTI

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 7 October 2016

Categories: Frozen Soft Drink, Ice Machines, Beer Dispensing Equipment & Draught Beer Dispense Systems, Soft Drink Systems, Refrigerators & Display Cabinets, Company News & Media

Celebrations at Hoshizaki Lancer’s Adelaide factory will take place today, with a gathering for lunch to rejoice the achievement of our outstanding safety record - 1,920 days without a Lost Time Injury – that’s 5 years!

A lost time injury is defined by Australian standard: Workplace Injury and Disease Recording 1885.1 – 1990 as an occurrence that resulted in time lost from work of one day/shift or more as a result of injury.

The safety culture at Hoshizaki Lancer is taken seriously, by all of our employees and contractors.

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A Blind Date with the Boss?

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 6 October 2016

Categories: Company News & Media

Guide Dogs SA has invited the CEO’s of South Australian top companies to experience something extraordinary – a workday in darkness.

Our Managing Director and Chairman of Guide Dogs, Joe Thorp, is one of the 10 bosses who will bravely take on the challenge, and raise awareness and funds for the incredible Boss’s Blind Date campaign.

On the 26th of October Joe will be spending a workday without vision, to raise awareness on the difficulty that thousands of South Australians face on a daily basis. Joe will lead meetings, take public transport and eat lunch all the while wearing a blindfold, with a Human Guide to assist him through some of the obstacles.

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