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Gizmos and gadgets don't make great ice. Great ice machines do.

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 6 June 2012

Categories: Ice Machines, Company News & Media

Hoshizaki ice machines and ice makers

At Hoshizaki, for decades we've focused on building the best, most reliable ice machines. We have chosen not to complicate our ice makers with finicky diagnostics as well as other gizmos and gadgets.

Here are just some of the innovations that make our ice machines great:

Cycle Saver

Half as many cycles for the same ice production:

  • less energy to make the same ice
  • longer lasting equipment
  • it will take 15 years to do as many cycles as our competitors

Compartmentalisation Design

  • separate areas for electrics, water and ice making means controls are in a dry environment
  • excellent sanitation
  • reduced bacterial and slime growth
  • less frequent cleaning
  • protected with HoshiGuard Antimicrobial agent

Stainless Steel Evaporator

  • greatly reduces mineral build up for more clear, hard ice cubes and longer machine life
  • individual ice cubes - no clusters or clumps to break up
  • consistant size and quality of individual ice cubes
  • one batch of water, one batch of ice increasing energy efficiency
  • our equipment is designed with a double flushing system, providing built in self cleaning for longer machine life while producing more ice efficiently

Simple Evercheck Controls

  • easy to trouble shoot
  • quick diagnosis
  • protects refrigeration components and prevents failures

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