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Why use bagged ice when the world’s best ice is so affordable?

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 20 May 2015

Categories: Ice Machines, Company News & Media

Ice is the finishing touch to any cold drink and the quality of ice can leave a lasting impression with the customer. Our Hoshizaki KM-50A ice machine produces exceptionally hard, crystal clear ice cubes. This ice melts slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their cooled drinks for longer.

Hoshizaki is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice machines. Our superior reliability ensures customers can depend on our ice machines day in, day out, year after year. Our ice machines consistently and reliably create ice and save customers from having to constantly spend money and time purchasing bags of ice.

The KM-50A ice machine produces up to 52kg of clear hard crescent ice a day and can store up to 23kg. It creates individual premium crescent cubes which do not cluster or bridge, saving staff time as they do not have to continually break up the ice. The ice this machine creates, presents very well as the cubes retain their shape for a prolonged period of time. The crescent ice allows pouring and nipping of spirits without it splashing. You can bag and store your own ice during quiet periods ready for your peak periods. As a result, extra supply is available when needed and bags of ice do not need to be purchased.

Our ice machines make different types of ice cubes to suit diverse applications. Flaked ice is made for food preparation and fish displays. Cubed ice is suitable for mixed drinks, cold water and soft drinks. Nugget ice is suitable for cocktails and medical applications.

The KM-50A is made up of a durable stainless steel exterior and contains a slide in air filter at the front for easy cleaning – maintaining performance efficiency. With low electrical consumption and water consumption it is a great option for venues large or small.

Return on Investment

For the KM-50A ice machine which costs $2,964*, if you currently buy 5 bags of ice per day** it would take you just 150 days to recover the purchase cost.

For the smaller KM-30 machine which costs $2,430*, If you currently buy 5 bags of ice per day** it would take just 120 days to recover the purchase cost.

*Price may change due to varied installation costs.
**Calculated at $3.99 per 5kg bag of ice purchased daily.



  • Produces individual pure, crystal clear crescent ice cubes.
  • Ice does not cluster or bridge, ice lasts longer, offers a better drink displacement and improves drink quality.
  • Full compartmentalized design.
  • Cold and wet areas are insulated and separated from heat and electrical producing components. Delivering increased machine efficiency and reducing bacteria and slime build up meaning less time spent cleaning and maintaining the ice machine.
  • Patent design stainless steel evaporator.
  • Long life sanitary stainless steel, low maintenance and will not chip or peel.
  • CycleSaver
  • Allows the ice machine to produce the same quantity of ice in about half as many cycles as competitive ice makers. Fewer cycles means longer component life and less maintenance than competitive units. KM ice machine will produce more ice using less energy while cycling half as many times as the competition.
  • “Evercheck” control board.
  • Three point check diagnosis. Ten minute cycle check. High temperature lock out. Easy to trouble shoot, quick diagnosis protects refrigeration components and prevents failures.
  •  HoshiGuard antimicrobial agent.
  •  Reduces slime and bacteria build up for easy cleaning.
  • Attractive stainless steel exterior.
  • Robust design delivers longer life for the machine. Cleaning and maintenance is also easy due to the machines compartmentalized design.
  • Full factory warranty of 3 years on parts and labour on the entire unit and 5 years parts and labour on evaporator and parts only on compressor and condenser coil.
  • Comfort and piece of mind knowing that you are protected by stringent warranty terms and supply of spare parts.

At Hoshizaki we are proud of our customer service; here is some of the positive feedback we receive!

“The ice is pure bubble-free frozen gold from a Hoshizaki ice machine…” Article in Time Out Melbourne

“We went with the Hoshizaki ice machines for a number of reasons… the volume of ice they produce and hold… is far superior to any other brand.” Andrew Thomas - General Manager The Oaks.

“Hoshizaki Ice has great product presentation which is highly suited to all parts of the business.” Paul McGibbon – Jellyfish.

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