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Lancer LogiCO2 Gas Monitor

- Automatic calibration - Maintenance free - AS5034 Compliant -

Mk 9 LogiCO2 Monitor Datasheet (PDF 0kb)

Mk10 LogiCO2 Monitor datasheet (PDF 0kb)

Warn your staff.... before it's too late!

Lancer LogiCO2 Monitor has been designed specifically to warn personnel of asphyxiating gas hazards and complies with AS5034.

The LogiCO2 Monitor is simple to use with a single button for routine operation and testing. Its bright and loud distinctive alarms will ensure your staff are warned, before it's too late.

With patented automatic calibration you can enjoy long term maintenance free operation.

Contact us on 1300 146 744 or info@lancerbeverage.com

Simple to use

  • Single button for routine operation and testing
  • Warning sign standard
  • One, up to eight sensors, with two individually programmed relays that can activate remote warning beacons or ventilation
  • Ambient temperatures 0 - 40C
  • Standard Warning flashing beacon

Protect yourself

  • Continuous monitoring for carbon dioxide in cellars and other confined spaces of TWA - 0.5% time weighted average
  • Pre alarm - 1.5% allows personnel to repair leak
  • High alarm - 3%. Valve is chosen to ensure that no one is exposed to IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) which is 4%.

Save money

  • Long term maintenance-free operation
  • 15 year sensor life
  • Patented automatic calibration

* Please note: The LogiCO2 Monitor must be installed by a competent person as per AS5034, secton

Mk9 LogiCO2 Monitor quick guide (PDF 0kb)

Mk10 LogiCO2 Monitor quickguide (PDF 0kb)


For more information visit the Logico2 website by clicking here

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Mk9 LogiCO2 Monitor


Mk10 LogiCO2 Monitor

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