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Lancer beverage python features numbered tubing for easy identification, and with a complete range of tubing bundles and insulation sizes, Lancer beverage python will cover all of your requirements.

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Product Features

  • Numbered tube marking for ease of identification.
  • Range of tubing bundle configurations and insulation sizes available (minimum wall of 25mm recommended for glycol).
  • Blown nitrile vinyl rubber for improved insulation.
  • Outer Wrapping - PVC self adhesive wrap used to protect the insulation in transit and during installation. Also performs as a vapour barrier.
  • Inner Wrapping - Food grade polyethylene stretch wrap acts as an odour barrier. Ensures full tube contact and correct orientation of tubes throughout the python.
  • Tubing - Food grade LDPE tube. No leaching.

Product Options

  • Beer line sizes from 6.3 - 9.5mm I.D
  • 25 or 32mm thick insulation

Please Note: The below is just a small selection of the Python combinations available.

Please contact your local Lancer Beer Systems representative for other combinations you may require.

Minimum Purchase 15 metre lengths.

Minimum wall Insulation of 25mm* is recommended for Glycol. 38mm Insulation also available (POA).

All Python is manufactured with Floguard Beer Tubing.

Due to continuing product improvements, product information and specifications may change at any time, without notice.

* Lancer beverage python uses flexible closed cell insulation with low thermal conductivity and moisture transmission.

Selection of insulation wall thickness to control condensation should take into consideration the ambient conditions to which the python will be exposed and the internal temperature of the products flowing through the python tubing.

Installers must be aware that localized conditions experienced in enclosed areas such as floor chases, ceiling cavities or ducting may result in minimal air movement, high temperature or high humidity that exceeds the ability of the insulation to prevent condensation.

Installation of multiple python runs which result in the surfaces of the pythons touching may result in an increased occurrence of condensation.

Installation of python which causes compression of the insulation due to bends or the support mechanisms used to locate the python will also result in increased likelihood of localised condensation.

Product Range






Python, 4 Beer + 2 Glycol lines, 25mm Insulation


Python, 4 Beer + 2 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation


Python, 4 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 25mm Insulation


Python, 4 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation


Python, 6 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 25mm Insulation


Python, 6 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation


Python, 8 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 25mm Insulation


Python, 8 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation


Python, 8 Beer + 6 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation


Python, 10 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 25mm Insulation


Python, 10 Beer + 4 Glycol lines, 32mm Insulation



Bracket Python (Perf)


Other options available on request

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