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Trade Out Master

The patented Lancer Trade Out Master is designed to minimize beer loss and encourage regular line cleaning.

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Lancer understands that clean fresh beer sells best. Regular line cleaning is a major factor in providing this to the customer. We also know that reducing beer waste is a major consideration for pubs and clubs.

By ensuring beer is traded out, not thrown out, prior to a line clean the average hotel will find this system pays for itself within one year*.

Product features

  • Automatically commences trade out of beer lines prior to a scheduled clean
  • Reduces beer wastage associated with line cleaning by selling the beer in the lines
  • Records when beer line cleans are due and have occurred
  • Provides optional gas pulse during line clean to assist the cleaning process

Product specification

Each control module provides:

  • Up to 8 separate programmable times for trade out commencement
  • Up to 3 individual beer lines from each solenoid output
  • 24V control solenoids
  • Simple user interface to allow entry of next clean date and time
  • Display shows status of each output
  • All wetted components compatible with beverage and cleaning chemicals

* Assumes 25 litres of beer loss per weekly clean.

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