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Product Highlights






Standard Product Range

This range is made up of gastronorm 2/1 cabinets and 1/1 counters, available as a refrigerator or freezer with cabinets available in single, double and split doors and counters in double and triple door.

  • Carefully designed to ensure the optimal circulation of air at all times.
  • Refrigerated air is circulated around the cabinet to maintain the storage of foodstuffs at the correct temperature using an energy efficient DC Fan.
  • Exterior and interior are made of stainless steel. Counters have an inside door cover of grey ABS.
  • Temperature ranges:
    Cabinet: 0 to 16 & -25 to -7
    Counter: -6 to 12 & -25 to -7
  • These counters and cabinets offer great versatility as they can be used for different types of storage as requirements change or seasonal changes dictate menu variations.

Customer Benefits



  • The Stainless steel composition of the machine allows the worktop to double-up as a food preparation area, reducing the footprint of the machine in frequently space-restricted commercial environments.
  • The compressor assembly can be easily accessed  or removed from the machine, allowing easy maintenance and reducing costs*.
  • An energy efficient DC fan (80% more energy efficient than AC fan) considerably reduces the amount of energy consumed by the machine, reducing its impact on both the environment and your finances.
  • An energy efficient DC fan (80% more energy efficient than AC fan) considerably reduces the amount of energy consumed.
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance schedules are quick and easy to carry out, facilitated by the ergonomic design of the unit.
  • Machines in this range include automatically closing doors (when an angle of less than 90 degrees). This reduces the risk of doors accidentally being left open, increasing the amount of energy consumed, and avoiding product spoil.
  • The front frame of the freezer cabinet is heated, which when combined with the units efficient insulation, mean that condensation cannot build up on the exterior panels of the cabinet.
  • The evaporator defrost cycle of the freezer is scheduled to run every six hours, maintaining energy efficiency by reducing the build up of ice on the evaporator.

These units are supplied with castors as standard allowing them to be easily moved when looking to relocate equipment, or for cleaning purposes. Legs are optional.

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