Hoyts Cinema Chadstone

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Hoyts Cinema

FBD563 with fisheye faceplates and trolleys, Illuminated bullet towers, modular CO2 regboard and syrup boards, dual carb S8E superchillers, bar guns and ice chests, ID400 ice dispensers, LogiCO2 monitor


Hoyts Group has been well established in Australia for many years, with 40 venues nationwide, and aims to expand throughout the coming years. Hoyts Cinema Chadstone is located in the heart of one of Melbourne’s best fashion shopping malls, and has recently opened its doors after two years of planning and construction. Alongside the cinematic experience, this venue has incorporated a range of extra services, of which Lancer Beverage Systems assisted. Hoyts have partnered with Lancer on multiple occasions to assist with innovation in their beverage requirements, all with great success.


As Hoyts continue to revitalise the cinema experience, there was a need to create an exciting atmosphere for both movie-goers and as a venue to meet for food or a drink. This complex boasts 13 cinema screens – all with reclining seats – two bars, and plenty of food or drink to offer. However, this was all to be constructed so as to provide the venue with a new and exciting look, taking it to the next level for cinematic experiences. Lancer was approached to create an innovative post-mix tower that would align with the walk-through food and drink emporium employed by Hoyts, and would create a new look for the venue.


To marry into the modern design of the walkthrough food and beverage emporium, Lancer created illuminated bullet post-mix, using fisheye faceplates on the frozen beverage machines to give maximum colour impact for the beverages. Both company staff and customers agree the new-look towers fit the decor and have been very well received.

Right from the planning stages though to supply and installation, Lancer have met all our needs.  The specially designed & built Illuminated bullet softdrink dispenser are not only eye-catching, appealing, compliment the décor but also deliver a quality beverage.  Thank you Lancer, the installation is getting a lot of attention.

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