The last thing that any venue owner wants is a broken beer system on a Saturday night with a full house of customers. Lancer Beverage aims to reduce this risk with our preventative maintenance program, which includes tests, measurements, adjustments, parts replacement, and cleaning.

Lancer's Preventative Maintenance Program

By ensuring that your products are serviced regularly by one of Lancer’s qualified technicians, your dispensing products are kept in better operating condition, and defects or issues can be picked up before they happen.

Our preventative maintenance program provides systematic inspections, detection and corrections of potential failures by following a set guideline to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed. Included in this program is the 6-month CO2 system check needed to comply with AS5034. We recommend having this completed by every 6 months, especially before and after a busy and hot Australian summer.

Please call our National Service Centre on 1300 551 361 for an obligation free quote on maintaining your beer systems.

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