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New Reality for Lancer Beverage

It’s a new reality for Lancer Bevergae Systems as we unveil our innovative app. Propelling our products into the 21st century, Lancer has developed an Augmented Reality Application that allows a user to envision their dream bar with the click of a button.

Lancer AR gives you an accurate 3D impression of a selection of our founts, true to scale and in a variety of finishes. By scanning a surface with their device, the user is able to select a fount to then place on a mock bar. Whilst the fount is chosen, the user can move in and out with their iPhone/ tablet to view the product from all angles.

The first update includes a collection of 30 founts and 5 colour finishes to choose from.

To use the app:

  • Make sure room is well lit
  • Find an empty surface large enough (1m Square at least)
  • Scan and lock onto a surface until the ‘plus’ button appears on the right
  • Browse the styles of fount and add to the area
  • Snap a photo or share

*Please note that this app requires iOS 11 or later, compatible with iPhone 6s and later, or iPad pro/ iPad 9.7


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