By The Glass

By The Glass

With more than 50 years of experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a wine dispenser system that is unique to your business.


We are proud to be the sole Australian distributor for the By The Glass wine dispenser.

Save time and money

This innovative wine serving technology saves valuable time and money, and offers your customers a better quality product.

Offer better quality wine

The wine system protects wine from oxidation, keeping it at its best for up to two weeks, and serving it in its optimum condition and temperature.

This allows the opportunity to serve premium wines by the glass, for increased profits.

Prevent wine wastage

The portion control settings prevent over-pouring (for less wastage) but also offers customers the option to “try before you buy”.

Serve wine quickly and easily

By The Glass wine is easy to use, and saves staff time both in serving, and managing bottled wine.

And quick service of premium quality wine means happy customers!

Tailored to suit your wine service needs

The By The Glass Wine Dispenser can be tailored to meet your personal and individual needs.

The wine dispenser units are available in stainless steel or black finish as standard. Other finishes are available on request, such as solid wood in various colours to suit your decor.

Number of taps, temperature zone-division for red and white wines etc can all be adjusted to suit the requirements of your bar.


  • Facilitates premium wine sales
  • Realise higher sales and increased profits
  • Multiple and flexible climate zones
  • Capacity for 2 bottles per position
  • Perfect preservation of “open” bottles
  • Exceptional presentation of wines for visual sales stimulation
  • High capacity cooling system to serve wine at the correct temperature
  • Available in different finishes to suit your bar
  • Tailor-made solutions available
  • Portion control, card dispensing and POS connection available
  • Uses food-grade nitrogen


  • Wine sales can increase up to 27%, allowing you to serve premium wines, for increased profits
  • Significantly reduces wastage
  • Always dispenses the wine at the correct temperature
  • Patented flexible climate zone – simply move the partition to alter the ratio between the number of red and white wine (minimum of  3 white)
  • A second back up bottle is available in the dispenser for quick change over during busy periods
  • Long-lasting stainless steel finish is standard, with black and timber options available
  • Portion control allows flexibility of giving tasting serves of small or large portions. Wine card options available can also be connected to POS systems


(includes 100mm for airflow)
61230mm610 – 620mm340mm65kg
81430mm611 – 620mm340mm81kg
101630mm612 – 620mm340mm97kg
121830mm613 – 620mm340mm113kg
142030mm614 – 620mm340mm129kg
162280mm615 – 620mm340mm145kg


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