By The Glass Stage | Wine Dispenser
By The Glass Stage

By The Glass Stage

By the Glass® Stage is a compact, elegant line of wine serving and preservation cabinets for up to 12 bottles in one or two temperature zones built in high-grade stainless steel with optional colour coatings. All components of the (cold-plate) cooling have been shifted to the back, allowing for a strongly reduced width and the option to seamlessly integrate the units side by side, thus giving a highly elegant impression and providing a great stage for your wines.


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By The Glass wine is easy to use, and saves staff time both in serving, and managing bottled wine. And quick service of premium quality wine means happy customers!


Spray color coating

Besides the standard finishing in brushed stainless steel you may choose the option of a matt color coating in any of over 200 colors of the RAL Classic color palette. The color coating allows you to perfectly match the ambience or create an ever more eye-catching stage for your wine experience. Regardless of the color you choose, their lavishly matt finishing gives your By the Glass® Tailormade, Stage or Double Sided dispenser an exceptionally warm feel. The optional Color Coating is available for all models with the exception of the By the Glass® Modular.

Remote and central cooling

If you plan or already make use of a central refrigeration system, we can prepare the dispenser according to your specifications for refrigerant and fit it with optional expansion valves. If you don’t have the additional capacity or a central cooling available, you may decide for our pre-configured remote cooling engine. This engine is ready mounted on a plate for easy installation by a local technician. It can be installed in a well-ventilated space in the same furniture or at distance from the dispenser. Regardless of whether you choose to connect the dispensers to your central cooling or decide for our remote cooling engine: a separate cooling will reduce the inbuilt depth for our By the Glass® Stage dispensers from 410mm to 350mm. What’s more, the dispenser will in that case not require any space for aeration and evidently not emit any warm air nor compressor vibration



(includes 100mm for airflow)
(includes 100mm for airflow)
61230mm610 – 620mm340mm65kg121830mm613 – 620mm340mm113kg
81430mm611 – 620mm340mm81kg142030mm614 – 620mm340mm129kg
101630mm612 – 620mm340mm97kg162280mm615 – 620mm340mm145kg


Installing the By The Glass Stage Storage containers for storing Wine bottles safely is a smart decision. With the Chiller plates, efficient storage, and stainless steel construction, keep the expensive wine bottles ready for serving to the customers via the Wine on Tap system from Lancer WorldWide.


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