Cornucopia Tower

Cornucopia Tower

With more than 50 years of experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a fountain dispenser that is unique to your business.


The Lancer Cornucopia Tower is a modern, multi-tasking unit with a sleek appearance, capable of pouring eight different base beverages, water and four flavour shots.

The Lancer Cornucopia Tower has six standard portion control valves plus a multi flavour MUV valve – it is capable of dispensing six additional flavours or flavour shots.

The LED illuminated panels on the customer front and side of the tower make this dispenser an eye-catcher.

Lancer Soft Drink Tower Dispensers are a great way to ensure a consistent quality beverage and is the easiest and best way to provide branding and point of sale advertising to give your consumers choice of flavours.


  • 6 Portion Control LEV Valves
  • 1 MVU Multi Valve Unit pours up to 6 flavours, soda and water
  • Flavour shot dosing capability
  • LED illuminated panels on customer front and side.

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5000181 Cornucopia Tower


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