• Long life Stainless Steel cabinet construction
  • Air tight design of tank area to help eliminate glycol dilution
  • Low installation, operating and maintenance costs
  • 150mm adjustable stainless steel legs
  • Proven semi-submersible pump
  • Operates on environmentally responsible refrigerants
  • Rigid water blown non-CFC polyurethene insulation
  • Australia designed and manufactured C 3 approved

    Width: 680mm
    Depth: 680mm
    Height: 1265mm
    Empty: 105kg
    Operational: 285kg
    Shipping: 110kg
  • REFRIGERANT: R404a — other available upon request
  • CAPACITY (KW @ -10°C SST): 3kW, 5kW, 8kW, 10kW plus twin cassette options
  • WATER BATH CAPACITY: 190 litre
  • CAPACITY (KW @ -10°C SST): 3kW, 5kW, 8kW, 10kW plus twin cassette options
  • Glycol manifolds complete with back check valves and ball valves
  • Glycol refactometer
  • Glycol flow indicators
  • Twin cooling cassettes
  • Multiple pump options



31638223Everest Chiller 30, 3kW, R404a, 2xSPK-11
31635258Everest Chiller 50, 5kW, R404a, 1xSPK2-11
31635101Everest Chiller 50, 5kW, R404a, 2xSPK2-11
31634108Everest Chiller 50, 5kW, R404a, 2xSPK4-11
31635118Everest Chiller 80, 8kW, R404a, 2xSPK2-11
31635143Everest Chiller 80, 8kW, R404a, 2xSPK4-11
31635131Everest Chiller 100, 10kW, R404a, 2xSPK2-11
31635155Everest Chiller 100, 10kW, R404a, 2xSPK4-11
31641726Everest Chiller 30-30, 2 x 3kW, 404a, 2xSPK2-11
31636208Everest Chiller 40-40, 2 x 4kW, 404a, 2xSPK4-11
31635167Everest Chiller 50-50, 2 x 5kW, R404a, 2xSPK2-11
31635204Everest Chiller 80-80, 2 x 8kW, R404a, 2xSPK4-11
31635192Everest Chiller 100-100, 2 x 10kW, R404a, 2xSPK2-11
31635210Everest Chiller 100-100, 2 x 10kW, R404a, 2xSPK4-11


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