• The 352 offers features that maximize capacity in a minimal amount of space
  • Lowest cost of ownership due to lower acquisition cost, lower maintenance costs and energy saving components & software.
  • Electronic Simplicity offers easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Optimal Use of Counter Space with minimum ventilation of two inches side or back
  • Customizable individual barrels allows for hundreds of different drink profile combinations, which include sugar free options
  • Inline CarbonationTM – creates a more consistent
    over-run, quality and yield
  • Built-in diagnostics make it easier to troubleshoot and use. Active readout monitoring for technicians and operators. Can see what the issue is and spend less time troubleshooting.
  • Accessibility: Access from the front of the unit makes servicing FAST & maximizes uptime.

RapidFreezeTM – Cold chamber system improves refreeze time while reducing the compressor workload and increasing dispenser durability

AccuFreezeTM – maintains product consistency to
deliver the most consistent frozen beverage – drink
after drink


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