FBD 802M | Frozen Beverage Dispensers
FBD 802M

FBD 802M

Streamlining your frozen experience, the 802M fuses the proven technology of all FBD equipment with an easy-to-use, low maintenance platform.


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Streamlining your frozen experience, the 802M fuses the proven technology of all FBD equipment with an easy-to-use, low-maintenance platform. Featuring a simple layout that offers tool-free cleaning and an innovative user interface that enables quick commands, the 802M provides a design that improves serviceability and productivity while significantly reducing the time spent on unit maintenance. The efficient and streamlined features of the 802M deliver a powerful message. High Profitability. Low operating cost.

Everyone loves Frozen. You’ll love frozen even more with the 802M


  • Rapid Freeze TM – cold chamber system improves refreeze time while reducing the compressor work load and increasing dispenser durability.
  • Optional Bevtrak Monitoring – remote monitoring with built in diagnostics for faster troubleshooting to minimize machine downtime and lost sales.
  • Cleaning process has been streamlined for ease of completion, including minor disassembly and minimization of parts.
  • Shorter design allows for improved hopper access, making product easier.
  • AccuFreezeTM – maintains product consistency to deliver the most consistent frozen beverage – drink after drink.


  • Two shake and smoothie machine capable of serving milkshakes, smoothies, coffees and other frozen beverages.
  • Dispenser is designed with electronic controls for consistent and highly performance.
  • Direct drive motors allow for better reliability and performance, as well as quieter operation.
  • Product Storage: Two, 3 gallon (12 liter) hoppers, refrigerated to maintain product temperature under 41° F (5° C).


Offer Your Customers a Great Drink Variety
With virtually unlimited options when it comes to syrup flavor and color, you can satisfy every customers’ frozen beverage desires! Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Coffee, and sugar-free varieties meet the demands of customers who prefer fresh, healthier options. Whether you are serving Generation Z, millennials or baby boomers, you can provide a drink choice everyone will love.


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