With more than 50 years of experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a fountain dispenser that is unique to your business.


The IBD is Lancer’s #1 selling self-serve dispenser. Hard plumbed syrup and water lines deliver excellent icy cold drinks. Versatile valve configurations and a portion control option allow for easy beverage cost monitoring. Topped with a compelling wraparound display, the IBD is a favorite of our customers. Industry-standard platforms in 25” width – 8 valve, lever or push button dispensing versatility


  • Illuminated interchangeable front graphics, standard fluorescent 15 watts light bulb
  • High capacity ice storage bin
  • High capacity drip tray to handle customer ice and beverage overfill helps avoid safety hazards and drink station cleanup from spills
  • Unique hex drive ice agitation and dispense drive system for trouble-free operation and long service life
  • Multiple valve configurations available for self-serve and portion control operation to control beverage costs
  • Stainless steel construction; exterior and interior
  • Fully insulated storage bin and drip tray controls condensation and helps avoid moisture-related safety hazards
  • Plumbing access front and rear for installation flexibility


DIMENSIONSWidth :635 mm
Depth :775 mm
Height: 899 mm(With riser 40.625” (1032 mm)
SPACE REQUIREDHeight: Allow sufficient clearance for manually filling with ice or refer to ice maker recommendation for top clearance.
Width: 635 mm
Depth: 775 mm
WEIGHTWith Ice: 238 kg
Shipping: 132  kg
ICE (CUBE)Dispensable 68 kg
FITTINGSSoda Inlets: 3/8” male barb
Syrup Inlets: 3/8” male barb
VALVE OPTIONSLEV and other valves available upon request
FLEX MANIFOLD CONFG.8 Valve: 3-1-1-3


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