LEV SSL (4.5)

LEV SSL (4.5)

With more than 50 years of experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a fountain dispenser that is unique to your business.


Pour More with the VersaPour Valve by Lancer! The VersaPour valve can pour it all: hot and cold, still and sparkling, from tea to soft drinks.

  • Consistent “Best in Class” performance
  • Lowest “Life Cost” of operation available
  • Simple design gives high reliability
  • 3 second flow rates
  • Widest range of ratio control (3.0-9.0)

Pressure Requirments

  • Water: 40 – 110 psig (2.8 – 7.7 bar)
  • Syrup (Sugar): 20 – 70 psig (1.4 – 4.9 bar)
  • Syrup (Diet/Light): 10 – 70 psig (0.7 – 4.9 bar)


DRINK FLOW RATES3.0: 1.5 oz/s – 3.0 oz/s (44.4 ml/s – 88.8 ml/s)
RATIO ADJUSTMENT RANGE3.0-9.0 Water/Syrup by Volume (dependent on finished drink flow rate)
MOUNTINGUses LEV® Mounting Block
LEV® mounting block has the same mounting screw hole pattern as the following: Dole SEV
Dole FFV
Cornelius UF1, SF1
McCann Turbo Flo Jr.


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We understand how important it is to create a unique atmosphere for your customers and we want to help you achieve it. Let us help show off your great tasting beer and you’ll watch the pours keep coming. Our other services include : Installation of Beer Systems for New and Existing business | Icebank bar chillers | Special event fount beer dispense systems | Wine dispense systems| Preventative Maintenance


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