With more than 50 years of experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a fountain dispenser that is unique to your business.


Attractive, engaging and flexible dispensing that personalises and enhances your beverage offerings.

A post-mix dispensing system is a major investment. Why not get the most out of it? The Touchscreen Tower will be the best salesman, ambassador, communicator for your brands. Its enticing presence encourages trial.

Lancer presents the Touchscreen Tower, the tower with a design that attracts, a user-interface that enchants, and the proven dispensing technology that gives you confidence and offers your consumers a unique and personal experience. Your beverage offerings have never been better dressed, poured or shared


  • Large 10.4″ touchscreen with a rich, attractive, yet simple, interface
  • Customisable lighting patterns and design.
  • Countertop installation with a small foot-print (9.3″ x 16.3″).
  • Up to 10 valve modules available to meet a wide range of ration control requirements.
  • User interface and valve configuration flexibility for products and additives (sweeteners, juices, flavours, seasonal and functional ingredients, etc.)
  • Assorted backroom equipment available to accommodate various applications


Width241 mm
Depth317 mm
Depth444 mm including drip tray
Height635 mm
Shipping Weight 16 kg1 Amp, 240V, 50/60Hz


Technical Bulletins
Revit Files
Instruction Sheets
Operational Manual
Image Library



We understand how important it is to create a unique atmosphere for your customers and we want to help you achieve it. Let us help show off your great tasting beer and you’ll watch the pours keep coming. Our other services include : Installation of Beer Systems for New and Existing business | Icebank bar chillers | Special event fount beer dispense systems | Wine dispense systems| Preventative Maintenance


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