Engineered to carry heavy loads and operate in Australia's harsh environment, Lancer Beverage chillers are built to last. Choose from our range of Glycol, Ice Bank and Powerless chiller to see what’s right for you.


Glycol Chillers

We have a range of Glycol chillers that are designed to suit specific venues, with both self-contained and remote models. These chillers are thoroughly tested in our climate controlled experimental facility, ensuring that our products are of the upmost performance and durability. 



glycol chiller

Chiller Plates

Nearly 20 years ago, Lancer Beverage revolutionised beer systems with the introduction of the glycol chiller plate system. Available in several sizes, these innovative chiller plates are insulated with sustainable foam and encased with purpose-built stainless steel.



chiller plate

Polaris Chiller

Specifically designed for ease of service and installation, the Polaris chiller is able to operate in harsh Australian conditions, whilst offering a compact design for smaller venues. This chiller is fully equipped with on-board electronics to prevent leakages, overheating, and over freezing, and has an insulated circulation pump that furthers the high performance design.



Polaris chiller

Presto Chiller

Cold beer – anytime, anywhere! The presto chiller dispenses cold beverages without power, utilising cold plate technology to ensure a ready-to-serve product. Boasting a compact design and 9kg storage bin, this chiller is perfect for portable bars, special events, caterers, golf clubs, home use and many more – all you have to do is supply the ice.



presto chiller with ice

Siberian Chiller

With smaller venues in mind, Lancer Beverage have developed the Siberian chiller, a product that can be installed outside of the cool rooms space, The Siberian chiller has been designed to ensure ease of service and installation, an air-tight design to reduce glycol dilution, and environmentally friendly insulation. The products’ design encourages ease of cleaning with the hinged lid, also ensuring simpler maintenance procedures and reduced service costs.


siberian chiller

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