Ensure the safety of your staff with the Lancer LogiCO2 monitor. Designed to warn venue personnel of asphyxiating gas hazards, this monitor sounds a distinctive alarm to signify a leak. The logiCO2 monitor is also compliant with AS5034 regulations and has a patented calibration which allows for less maintenance in the long-term.


Some features of the LogiCO2 monitor are: 

    - Continuous monitoring for carbon dioxide in small spaces, i.e. cool rooms and chillers.

    - Standard warning signs and flashing beacons to alert personnel of a leak.

    - Up to eight sensors, which can remotely activate two other warning beacons or ventilation.

    - Only one button for routine operation and testing.

    - Logico2 monitor has 2 warning stages:

                 - Pre alarm > 1.5% allows personnel to repair leak.

                 - High alarm > 3% valve is chosen to ensure that no one is exposed to                        immediate danger to life or health


The Logico2 monitor has a 15-year sensor life, even with minimal maintenance.


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