We understand that the difficult tasks tend to be put off, so we have ensured that our cleaning systems are simple to use and can be accomplished quickly with minimum fuss. In order to keep your beverage systems flowing, ensure that regular cleaning and maintenance is done, by utilising the options available at Lancer. 

Automatic Washout Systems

In conjunction with Dosmatic, we have developed a dosing pump, beer-cleaning system that takes all the hard work out of cleaning your beer system. Easy to install and with a robust design, the Dosmatic cleaning system features leak resistant seals and can exhaust CO2, meaning that air can be vented outside of cool rooms.



Washout Pumps

Our flojet pump and washout system is easy to install, simple to use and can suit all types of fittings. Due to its quiet operation, exhaust CO2, and leak resistant seals, the Lancer washout system ensures peace of mind when in use. 


Washout Systems

Washout Fittings

Lancer beverage has a complete range of washout fittings that will make beer line cleaning a simple task.



Washout Leads

By simply connecting a Lancer beverage lead to your washout style taps, you can flush your beer system clean without having to use buckets, saving time and money.


Washout Leads

Cleaning Agents

Lancer beer line cleaner is a brewery approved detergent that cleans and sanitises your beer system quick and easily.


Washout liquid

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