“Lancer have provided a range of equipment for our project and we have been very happy with their service and performance”

Unique and flavourful, Australia has seen an explosion of craft beer and microbrewers in the past couple of years. Craft beer encourages creativity, uniqueness, and variety. It inspires the drinker to desire a distinct experience with the boutique beverage, and spurs a relationship between consumer and brand.  

The demand for craft beer has skyrocketed, with beer enthusiasts enjoying a range of high-quality and unique beverages. We take pride in providing microbrewers and distributors with premium quality beer dispensing equipment. We have Bar and Fount options that will enhance the ambient surroundings of your brewpub, and superior cellar equipment that will ensure your beer is stored and poured at its best. 

At Lancer Beverage, we have the ability to work with you on your microbrewing venture - big or small - helping you store and pour the best beer.

Microbrewing photos by Hemingway Brewery - Cairns Wharf

When it comes to craft brewing, talk to us about:


Glycol Chilling systems -
We can design, install and service end to end systems including all the pipe work and controls for your Fermenters and Brite Tanks.
George Fischer Cool-Fit systems -
a high quality, energy efficient piping system option for secondary glycol cooling of your brewing process.
CO2 systems –
these systems allow for force carbonation or head pressure supply to your brite tanks.
CO2 Monitoring –
carbon dioxide monitoring systems allow you to maintain a safe working environment and implement effective risk management policies associated with dispensing or manufacturing draught beer.
Onsite Draught Beer Systems and Mobile Options –
Looking for ways to promote your craft beer to your customers? Onsite systems can give your brewery the extra authentic touch that keeps everyone coming back for more. Need a mobile system to promote your product at trade shows then we have the solutions for you.

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