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Burswood, Western Australia
Brookfield Multiplex

An Australian company renown for major building developments on a global scale, Brookfield Multiplex, won the construction contract for the recently built Optus Stadium in Western Australia. Specialising in hospitals, high-rise and stadium construction, Brookfield Multiplex opted to employ the help of Lancer when installing the beer system as part of the build.


The Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA) has been home to the state’s major events and cricket sports over the past 40 years, with the facilities slowly becoming outdated and unable to meet customer demands.

The brief for Brookfield Multiplex was to develop a venue that put the needs of up to 60,000 fans first, including an innovative and industry-leading beer system to handle the volume.

As Optus stadium was designed to handle the highest of volumes for customers, Lancer had to ensure that the beer system was designed accordingly, installed correctly and to the highest standard. Working together, Brookfield Multiplex and Lancer fitted the stadium with a leading-edge beer system designed to deliver the perfect beer every time.

Optus Stadium Oval


Optus stadium is proudly fitted with a Lancer Beverage, state of the art, high volume draught beer system, allowing the venue to serve thousands of fans for an event.

With over 50 years’ experience and proven National and Global success, Lancer designed and installed a beer system that will be serving fans for years to come. This system consisted of 22 easily operated Keg rooms, 592 tap points - many being multi pour stations - using 52 of the patented Southpour Talon, 52 Southpour Claw dispensers and 62 x 4 tap single pour beer stations, connected to over 4000m of beer python.

Claw fount
cellar room


Proof that Lancer delivered, the Optus Stadium opening night was a great success, with approximately 67,000 litres (approx. 1340 50L kegs) of cold, great-tasting beer effortlessly dispensed.

Girls pouring
lots of drinks

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