Global & Green - our Environmental Inititiatives
Hoshizaki Eco Plan

The "Hoshizaki Eco Plan" is a long-term program intended to counteract global warming and deal with other environmental problems.

This integrated program combines our efforts in product development, recycling recovery of environmentally-impacting CFC’s, and various other environmental measures.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of kitchen equipment, Hoshizaki will continue promoting a variety of environmental preservation activities, beginning with research and development into further energy-saving, ecological product designs.

Our current range includes the following ecological products:

Ice Makers

All of our Hoshizaki ice makers feature Cycle Saver Design.

This unique feature means that our ice machines produce the same quantity of ice in half as many cycles as competitor brands. Fewer cycles per day results in reduced energy consumption, cleaning and maintenance, leading to increased machine life (and greater profits!)

So it will take a Hoshizaki ice machine 15 years to accumulate as many cycles as our competitors’ machines accumulate in 6 years!

Lancer S4E Soft Drink Superchiller

The new Lancer S4E Soft Drink Superchiller achieved greater than 30% energy reduction and contributed to Lancer Beverage winning the 2009 Coca Cola Amatil Supplier of the Year Award for Sustainability.

Key Initiatives

  • Obtain ISO14001 Certification.
  • Develop energy efficient equipment – new S4E now with 30% energy reduction.
  • Development of S8E underway – expected energy saving of 30%.
  • Recycling of all office paper, cardboard and packaging materials.
  • Introduce paperless invoicing.
  • Optimise freight in distribution network – reduce shipments per order.
  • Phase out HCFC’s – use water blown foam only.
  • Membership of refrigerant stewardship association – maintain membership of refrigerant reclaim.

Hoshizaki Green Foundation

The Hoshizaki Green Foundation was establised in May 1990 as a specific public interest promotion corporation with the objective of “implementing projects to protect and propagate wild plants and animals and preserve a natural environment where humans exist in harmony with nature”.

Watch the Hoshizaki Lancer - Green Foundation video

Based in Shimane Prefecture, the foundation continues to engage steady, solid work in protecting wildlife and preserving the natural environment while supporting the Foundation’s investigative research and nature protection and educational projects, such as:

Shinjiko Green Park

Preserving an avian paradise …

Established on the web shores of Lake Shinju, this nature-oriented park is set in the area surrounding the Hii River estuary – the southernmost wintering spot for a white-fronted geese, bean geese, and tundra swans – and is known as western Japan’s finest wild bird habitat.

Resident personnel at the wild bird observatory, located on the surface of Lake Shinji, conduct monthly nature study groups that provide visitors with tours in a study / experience format.

Connected to the observatory is a nature-oriented embankment built by the Ministry of Construction, which together with Shinjko Green Park creates an aquatic area reproducing Lake Shinji’s original scenic beauty.

Furusato Shakunouchi Park

Passing along the ancient forms of nature to the next generation…

Developed as an industrial park, in an area blending with the mountains and forests surrounding our Shimane factory, initiatives here are focussed on creating an inhabitable environment for wild birds, insects, flowers and other locally familiar plants and animals.

Dragonflies and fireflies also live amongst the two hundred types of trees that have been planted within the park while observation trials boast seasonally flowering plants, creating a site for rest and recreation that is lived by members of the local community.

Experiments are also being conducted to cultivate the asaru plant which feeds the endangered Gifucho butterfly.

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