At Hoshizaki Lancer, the present and future state of our environment is of the upmost importance to us as we endeavour to make our products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. With continuous innovation, we boast a range of products and production plants that far exceed the industry’s established environmental standards.

We strongly believe that good products come from a good environment, and strive to preserve that motto throughout every aspect of the organisation. It is due to this that Hoshizaki Lancer is the only Australian company in our industry to achieve independent accreditation for our Quality, Safety and Environmental systems. This is a direct result of achieving set environmental objectives and targets - a duty that we place great importance and pride in.

Globally, Hoshizaki Corporation has established a company wide green policy. Hoshizaki funds a Wildlife Research Institute, employing specialised researchers of birds, insects, and plants. The Hoshizaki Green plant provides many native trees for the insects and birds living there, and is a space that people can see the animals in their natural habitat without disrupting the surrounding environment. 

Recycling and re-utilisation are paramount, with the company recycling 100% of all metal scrap, cardboard and wooden pallets. We are committed to embracing sustainable practices throughout the entire process of the products development - from design, to manufacturing and installation. Ensuring that products are continuously developed to reduce power consumption without compromising the cooling functions is a high focus. 

Sourcing Materials

We maintain high standards when choosing where we purchase our materials. It is essential that our suppliers support our strong ethical values, ensuring the best outcome for our community and our workers.

A consideration when sourcing our quality materials is the supplier's commitment to reduce their environmental impact, ensuring that there is no child labour, mistreatment of workers, or unsafe working practices. By being conscious of environmental factors such as emissions, water usage, and noise, there is less impact of manufacturing on the surrounding community.  

ethical materials

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