Lancer Beverage wants to work with you to create the venue of your dreams. If you have any questions about what we do, check out the list below, call your local branch or send us an enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you sell to?

    We sell our dispensing equipment to a variety of locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our head office is in Adelaide, and we have branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland.

  • What type of business would require your work?

    Lancer Beverage can be the complete solution for any venue, large or small. We have worked with small family operated businesses to some of the world’s largest stadiums. If you are involved with a pub, club, bar, café, or any larger venue, make sure that you give Lancer Beverage a call, or get in contact below.

  • What do I do if I notice an issue with my beer system?

    If you notice an issue with your beer system, please call our National Service centre on 1300 551 361. Our service centre is available between 8 am - 5 pm Adelaide time, however after hours support is available outside of those hours on that same number. 

  • Do you only dispense beer?

    Lancer beverage manufactures and distributes beverage dispensing equipment for draught beer, wine, and post mix products.

  • Where are your products made?

    All of our Beer dispensing products are manufactured in our factory in Adelaide, South Australia. We also distribute a range of equipment from FBD, By the Glass, and George Fischer, all of which they manufacture.

  • How do I get a quote from Lancer Beverage?

    Please fill out a contact form, or call your local branch for a competitive quote.

  • Can I buy products online?

    We currently only have spare parts that are available online to for purchase. Head to the store to see what’s available.

  • Where do I purchase spare parts?

    Spare parts will soon be available to purchase through the online store.

    In the meantime, contact Lancer Spare parts on P: 1300 BEERPARTS (1300 233 772), E: or visit:  

How to purchase

We have been operating throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 30 years and have teams covering sales and support in every Australian state and New Zealand. If you need help with a project or just need more information feel free to get in touch either using the form or find your nearest Lancer location

If you require our help or 24/7 support please contact our National Service Centre.