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Case Studies / Coopers Alehouse

“The Coopers Alehouse has remained busy since opening.”

Originally dubbed the Gepps Cross Hotel, the venue has re-built after a fire destroyed and burnt down sections of the Hotel. The new company which consists of ‘Coopers Brewing’ and the ‘Gepps Cross hotel’ have combined their efforts to create the Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross.

Lancer was given the task of installing the beer dispensing equipment for the refurbished venue. Across five bars, there were 42 beer taps installed, including two function rooms and an outdoor bar. 

Lancer installed bespoke, rustic-looking, copper founts for the venue, in order to match the décor of the heritage building. To ensure beverages were served at the correct temperatures, Lancer’s Elite Siberian chillers were installed, allowing for Coopers ales to stay cool and refreshing. 

Bringing back the casual style and comfort of an old-school brewery, Lancer Beverage designed a custom cool room with a viewing window to encourage a more engaging experience.

Who we work with

Monash University
BHP Billiton

Products & Services

For over 50 years, Lancer Beverage has been working within the Australian Hospitality industry to help owners build the venue of their dreams.  From keg to the glass, we understand what is needed to create a successful and exceptional venue. 

Our extensive range of quality products, paired with our knowledgeable staff, means that Lancer Beverage equipment can be found in a variety of venues throughout the country. From Australia’s largest stadiums, to smaller pubs, clubs, restaurants, and bars, Lancer Beverage ensures quality dispensing of all products. Regardless of the venue, we have the solution for you!   


Lancer Beverage is the preferred supplier and manufacturer for soft drink dispensing, working with some of Australia’s largest companies.

More information on our Soft Drink dispensing equipment will be available soon! 

As a proud supplier of FBD Frozen Beverage dispensing products, Lancer Beverage provide these machines to many cinemas, QSR’s, convenience stores, and theme parks.

More information on our Frozen Beverage Dispensing equipment will be available soon! 

As Australia’s leading beer system installer and service provider, Lancer beverage has the experience and know-how to work with any venue, large or small. With our manufacturing plant based in Adelaide, South Australia, we ensure that the best quality materials are used, ensuring premium dispensing products.

Our manufacturing plant has ISO certifications for maintaining high quality, safety and environmental standards, and is a key focus when looking at production.

The last thing that any venue owner wants is a broken beer system on a Saturday night with a full house of customers. At Lancer Beverage, we work with you to ensure that your dispensing systems are performing at their best every day.

By utilising our preventative maintenance program, as well as over the phone and after-hours technical support, you will be serving a premium quality beverage with every pour.

Dispensing Responsibly

Lancer Corporation is committed to stewarding the environment for a sustainable future. We embrace sustainable business practices that help preserve Australia’s beauty and resources. Lancer parts and equipment are manufactured to meet national and international agency requirements and our goal is to divert as much material as possible, recycle, and reuse. 

Our commitment to the environment