Remote Condenser | Frozen Beverage Dispensers
Remote Condenser

Remote Condenser

Optimize the cooling in Frozen Beverage Dispensers with the Remote Condensers. Get excellent performance for efficient cooling for your FBD system will help you get chilled beverages dispensed for your customers.


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Reduced Utility Costs by transferring heat outside

Quieter Operation by having the fan outside

Ambient Operation range of 0°F to 120°F

Flexible Refrigeration Connections allow unit and base to be moved for cleaning

Made to Order just specify at time of order


DIMENSIONS(Single Remote)


Width39.5 in (1003mm)
Depth16.8 in (427 mm)
Height21.0 in (533 mm)


Can be ordered with 50’ or 100’ insulated copper line set


Offer Your Customers a Great Drink Variety
With virtually unlimited options when it comes to syrup flavor and color, you can satisfy every customers’ frozen beverage desires! Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Coffee, and sugar-free varieties meet the demands of customers who prefer fresh, healthier options. Whether you are serving Generation Z, millennials or baby boomers, you can provide a drink choice everyone will love.


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