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Stainless Steel Tower

Stainless Steel Tower

Most reliable and sold unit for crew serve in the market.


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For the ultimate dispense solution the Stainless Steel Tower fits perfectly with our range of high quality soft drink coolers; together they deliver an exceptional drinks experience.


• Fitted standard with VersaPour Valves (Portion Control)
• Supplied with 6 pairs of flavour decals
• Ice cooled using a drop-in combination
• Refrigeration cooled using Superchiller
• Valve 1 fitted with a Lancer 3-Way back block. This enables the non-carbonated product to be dispensed as required.


Voltage/Current24 VAC 50Hz / 5 Amps
Fuse5 Amp Regular
Ambient Temperature2 – 40°C
Max Product Pressure760 kPa (110 PSIG)
Soda Supply & Return9.5mm ID 15mm OD LDP tube
Water Supply6.35mm ID 11mm OD LDP tube
Syrup Supply6.35mm ID 11mm OD LDP tube
Tower with Drip Tray20 kg


5000291 Tower only
5000337Tower & Drip tray
18000108Tower, 1522 Drop-in & Driptray
18000027 Tower, 2123 Drop-in & Driptray


We understand how important it is to create a unique atmosphere for your customers and we want to help you achieve it. Let us help show off your great tasting beer and you’ll watch the pours keep coming. Our other services include : Installation of Beer Systems for New and Existing business | Icebank bar chillers | Special event fount beer dispense systems | Wine dispense systems| Preventative Maintenance


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