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Beer Dispensing Equipment

With more than 50 years experience, Lancer Worldwide has a team of experts ready to provide you with a draught system that is unique to your business. Our Founts provide a high yield and profitable solution to pouring any beverage at any time in the most energy efficient package the industry can offer.

Lancer draught beer systems are an excellent way to enhance the profitability of your bar. Just as the brewery takes great care to brew, store, and distribute kegs to your establishment, you need a remote system that will dispense your draught beer properly and maintain brewery freshness. Each Lancer draught beer system is individually engineered and our experienced authorized installers ensure your system performs properly.

All standard beer fount installations will have a size matched drip tray mounted below the beer founts on the bar top to catch and drain wastage, residual spillage and post dispense tap drip. Drip trays are made of folded, high polished stainless steel and are available in various standard configurations and sizes along with customised designs for special beer founts installation applications. Drip trays can be recessed into the bar top or sit proud of the bar top in a plinth style.

Lancer Pythons are all manufactured and tailored to suit the specific customer requirements for applications with beer, soft drinks, wine and spirits. The distance between cooler and point of dispense can range from 6metres – 100 metres and sometimes even more. The beer python tube is to minimise the heat gain of a beverage after it leaves the cooler up to the point of dispense.


Selecting the perfect beer installation is a critical decision for any venue, requiring thoughtful consideration of factors like capacity, type, cooling mechanism, and more to ensure a seamless and enjoyable beer-serving experience.

Considerations when selecting a beer dispenser for your bar: