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With more than 50 years experience, Lancer Worldwide has a team of experts ready to provide you with a draught system that is unique to your business. Our Founts provide a high yield and profitable solution to pouring any beverage at any time in the most energy efficient package the industry can offer.


Lancer draught beer systems are an excellent way to enhance the profitability of your bar. Just as the brewery takes great care to brew, store, and distribute kegs to your establishment, you need a remote system that will dispense your draught beer properly and maintain brewery freshness. Each Lancer draught beer system is individually engineered and our experienced authorized installers ensure your system performs properly.


More expensive custom designed and manufactured beer founts are produced for concept and themed bars generally to an architects or designers specification and look. The fount design will often be incorporated into the overall concept and theme of the bar as will the type of beer brands and beverages available for sale in the outlet.

Stainless Steel Drip Trays

All standard beer fount installations will have a size matched drip tray mounted below the beer founts on the bar top to catch and drain wastage, residual spillage and post dispense tap drip. Drip trays are made of folded, high polished stainless steel and are available in various standard configurations and sizes along with customised designs for special beer founts installation applications. Drip trays can be recessed into the bar top or sit proud of the bar top in a plinth style.


Beer Growlers are made to make beer very transporatble and it comes with a convenient handle. Just what every moder bewery needs. The metal screw cap is designed to keep beer carbonated and fresh.

Gycol Chillers Water Systems

Lancer carries the best selection of quality Glycol Chillers in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. Get all the equipment that you need to create and assemble the ideal glycol-cooling system for your bar, restaurant, pub, or tavern so your customers and patrons can enjoy a perfectly chilled mug of draught beer.

Keg Cool Room

Keg beer is best preserved when stored in a cool room and it will remain in better condition for a longer period when stored in a refrigerated environment. Our customers use Lancer products in bars, breweries and tap houses across Australia. When compared to conventional refrigeration systems, Lancer users save on upfront costs, monthly operating expenses and expensive technician visits.


Lancer Pythons are all manufactured and tailored to suit the specific customer requirements for applications with  beer, soft drinks, wine and spirits. The distance between cooler and point of dispense can range from 6metres – 100 metres and sometimes even more. The beer python tube is to minimise the heat gain of a beverage after it leaves the cooler up to the point of dispense.


The MK9 CO2 sensor is the latest generation of CO2 Safety Systems. With the Mk9 CO2 Safety Detector SET, up to eight sensors can be connected, providing a sophisticated and powerful CO2 Safety Solution, simple to install and still being the most economical system on the market


Lancer Worldwide supplies all types of equipment needed to operate a beer dispense system of any size or specification. Many components are high specification plastic and are designed as push lock type fittings which makes many parts quick and easy to remove and replace. Many other parts are manufactured in stainless steel or chrome plated brass ensuring most equipment used is non corroding in damp environments or when exposed to cleaning chemicals.


Keg cool rooms house the majority of the significant beer dispense system reticulation equipment with the cool room walls being utilised to mount the various types of equipment near the stored kegs i.e. keg couplers to tap the kegs, fob detectors to isolate the beer flow when a keg has emptied, beer pumps to pump the beer through the reticulation system, beer manifolds to direct beer to the various beer taps, cleaning sockets for beer line cleaning,

Dosing Pump

Any outlet that has beer pumps fitted can use the beer pumps in conjunction with a retro fitted dosing pump and stainless keg coupler cleaning sockets to implement an efficient outlet operated beer line cleaning system. The combination of beer pumps and dosing pump is used to pump water followed by cleaning detergent through the beer lines to the beer taps for a period of time to soak clean the beer lines.


Having a reliable gas manifold is a must if you like drinking your homebrew from a keg. Gas manifolds/distributors allow you to dispense your beer from multiple kegs using one gas source. They are installed to create a draught dispensing system that will enable you to serve your beer or other carbonated beverages quickly for your guests. A gas manifold can split the delivery of gas into several divisions while maintaining equal pressure from your regulator to all of your faucets.

Cool Room Shelving

There are many choices available in the market for keg cool room, food cool room and store room shelving depending on the specific application. Most forms of shelving are of kit set construction and therefore are very flexible in application for specific spaces and area sizing. The shelving can easily be moved for location adaptability and for hygiene and cleaning purposes.

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