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Lancer's extensive range of beer towers can be found in all types of venues, from small cafe’s, hotels, clubs, sports bars, stadiums, casinos, convention centers and restaurants. From a standard T bar tower, to our ever popular multi tap variants, Lancer Beer Systems has a beer tower that will suit the most fastidious venue owner. Our multi tap towers are all manufactured in house and can be fabricated in almost any shape or size, the only limitation is your imagination!!!

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36641477Driptray C/Top, 280mm x 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36639884Driptray C/Top, 405mm x 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36624261Driptray C/Top, 550mm x 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36624285Driptray C/Top, 750mm x 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36639872Driptray C/Top, 900mm x 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36647522Driptray C/Top, 1100mm X 355mm, Bevelled Edge
36241724Driptray Plinth Assy, 280mm x 355mm, Recessed
36241712Driptray Plinth Assy, 405mm x 355mm, Recessed
36247477Driptray Plinth Assy, 550mm x 355mm, Recessed
36244518Driptray Plinth Assy, 750mm x 355mm, Recessed
36243824Driptray Plinth Assy, 900mm x 355mm, Recessed
36518576Driptray Plinth Assy, 1100mm x 355mm, Recessed
36630625Driptray Plinth Assy, 1400mm x 355mm, Recessed
36630649Driptray Plinth Assy, 1500mm x 355mm, Recessed


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Drip Trays

With more than 50 years experience, Lancer Worldwide Australia has a team of experts ready to provide you with a draft system that is unique to your business.

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We understand that bar space is prime real estate and we have developed a range of fabricated stainless recessed or countertop steel drip trays that will assist you in maximising the available space on your bar.

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