Siberian Elite

Siberian Elite

Siberian Elite

  • Rotationally moulded inner and outer polyethylene tank offering long life and corrosion resistance
  • Tank insulated with environmentally responsible, water blown non-CFC polyurethane insulation
  • Air tight design of tank and lid, keeping condensation to a minimum to eliminate dilution of glycol solution
  • Tank moulded legs allow for easy cleaning under the unit once installed
  • Easy installation and service
  • Single phase power requirement (240V 50Hz) to operate both refrigeration and pump(s)
  • IP56 Electrical connection
  • Semi-submersible single phase pumps
    Width: 22.873 in (581 mm)
    Depth: 22.873 in (581 mm)
    Height: 47.242 in (1200 mm)
    Width: 22.873 in (581 mm)
    Deep: 22.873 in (581 mm)
    Operational: 529.109 lbs (240kg)
    Empty: 176.369 lbs (80kg)
    Shipping: 182.983 lbs (83kg)
    Capacity: 160 Litres
  • THERMOSTAT: Electronic
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 230V / 50Hz / 10Amp
  • The Hoshizaki Lancer Siberian Elite Chiller is a high performance glycol unit.
  • The Siberian Elite can be located in ambient temperatures, allowing valuable coolroom space to be kept free for product storage
  • The Siberian Elite, with its improved technology, reduces compressor cycle times by up to 15%, minimising compressor wear, ensuring a longer life and energy savings
  • Easy access to the unit, via the hinged, removable, resin lid, results in easy access for maintenance and reduced service costs
  • Single or dual pump options available
  • 40L/min or 80L/min pump as standard. Other options available. POA.
  • Refrigeration capacities available in 3Kw, 5Kw, 8Kw 10Kw @ -10°C SST
  • Manifolds complete with back check valves
  • Glycol percentage check kit (refractometer)



31000064Siberian Glycol Chiller, 3kW, R404A, 2 x SPK 2 – 11 Pumps
31000065Siberian Glycol Chiller, 3kW, R404A, 1 x SPK 2 – 11 Pump
31000075Siberian Glycol Chiller, 5kW, R404A, 2 x SPK 2 – 11 Pumps
31000076Siberian Glycol Chiller. 5kW, R404A, 1 x SPK 2 – 11 Pump
31000086Siberian Glycol Chiller, 8kW, R404A, 2 x SPK 2 – 11 Pumps
31000087Siberian Glycol Chiller, 8kW, R404A, 1 x SPK 2 – 11 Pump
31000098Siberian Glycol Chiller, 10kW, R404A, 2 x SPK 2 – 11 Pumps
31000099Siberian Glycol Chiller, 10kW, R404A, 1 x SPK 2 – 11 Pump

Siberian Elite

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