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Global & Green - our Environmental Focus

At Hoshizaki Lancer, the state of our environment is very important to us, and for many years we have focussed on making our products and processes as environmentally compliant as possible.

We are now proud to boast a range of products and production plants that not only meet, but exceed established environmental standards.

Global-&-Green-Image-Body This aim is summarised in our corporate philosophy:

“Good products come from a good environment”

and we strive to address this in many aspects of our organisation.


Lancer parts and equipment are manufactured to meet national and international agency requirements for sanitation and electrical safety.


Sourcing Materials

We maintain high standards when choosing where we purchase our materials. It is essential that our suppliers support our strong ethical values, ensuring the best outcome for our community and our workers.

A consideration when sourcing our quality materials is the supplier’s commitment to reduce their environmental impact, ensuring that there is no child labour, mistreatment of workers, or unsafe working practices. By being conscious of environmental factors such as emissions, water usage, and noise, there is less impact of manufacturing on the surrounding community. 

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