Who is Lancer?

Quality. Simplicity. Innovation.

Lancer Worldwide is a world leader in the Draught Beer, Soft Drink, and Frozen Beverage Dispensing Markets.

For over 50 years, Lancer Worldwide has been working with Australian venues to provide the upmost service and quality products. Our extensive product range allows for venue owners to select what they require to fulfil their venue’s vision, whether that is for specialty beverages or a unique décor.

They represent us, and everything we do.


Having an inherit love of beer and dispensing products is part of what makes us tick.


At Lancer, we pride ourselves on quality products that are manufactured locally in Australia. Our factory, situated in South Australia, is responsible for manufacturing our beverage dispensing equipment for draught beer products.

A benefit of being an Australian company is our know-how, which we use to our advantage when making our high-quality products. We use our experience in many aspects of our work such as being able to understand the Australian climate and taking that into consideration when making products. Ensuring that our products can withstand the Australian heat, especially in rural areas where the ambient temperature can reach forty degrees Celsius, is a high priority. Designing a dispensing system that can cater to these areas is crucial as it allows these rural venues to generate with less issues and service calls outs. We also maintain dependable warranties and guarantees on all our products, and offer seamless help and service processes.

Quality Materials

Lancer Worldwide is a company synonymous with quality.

By sourcing materials of the upmost quality, we are able to manufacture a dispensing system that maintains the premium taste and temperature of the beverage being dispensed.



Hoshizaki Lancer are proud that our head office at Beverley, South Australia has satisfied the requirements to achieve the following TQCSI Certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality Certification: It focuses on the effectiveness of meeting customer requirements by the management system.

AS 4801 Safety Certification: OHS achievement through the reduction or elimination of workplace risks.

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification: controlling impacts of activities consistent with environmental policy, and regulatory requirements as well as voluntary objectives. Independent external audits of our quality, safety and environmental systems were conducted by TQCS International prior to our certification. TQCS International will annually audit our systems to ensure they continue to conform to the standards. Further details regarding our certification can be found on TQCS International’s website.

Environmental Certificate

Quality Certificate

Safety Certificate

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