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Case Study

Coogee Bay Hotel


The “Coogee Bay” as it is known is one of the most notorious in Sydney. From it’s early days once owned by a bookie (and run in the same manner!) to one of Sydney’s major music venues with Selina’s, the pub is now one of Sydney’s iconic hotels.

Bought by the Cheung family in 1999, the original plan was to develop the site, but the owners saw potential and set about bringing the pub up to standard.

The whole hotel originally ran on one cellar and did around 150 kegs per week.


Over the past ten or so years, bars have been added and renovated, cellars added and systems improved. From day one Lancer beer equipment was installed and Channon Refrigeration has had a long involvement and still does today.

“One of the challenges was to create a system which could dispense to several bars of different demands and at different distances away”.


The pub, at it’s peak in the early to mid 2000’s was pumping out over 700 kegs per week, through three cellars and four bars. Some of the Lancer draught beer chillers which were installed in the late 90’s are still in operation there today. Even though the pub has a reputation as a major party venue, the draught beer quality is one of pride for the owner, Chris Cheung and the hotel still enjoys a very loyal local daily trade from residents in the area.