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Case Study

Garden Brasserie


The Garden Brasserie is the latest in a string of bar restaurants to open in Neutral Bay, once home to only the Oaks Hotel and daytime cafes. The venue is characterised by its mezzanine level bar which sits above the diners.

The operators deliver a quality of beverage which has set a new benchmark in the area. Boutique beers, malt whiskeys and a wine list second to none has made the Garden Brasserie the place to be for those wishing to experience something special.

Following this trend, the requirement in regards to ice was extremely high. Large, clear and solid cubes were required to match the quality of spirits, mixers and cocktails on offer.


Given the size of the venue and limited space, the venue found it very difficult to find an ice maker that produced premium sized ice cubes and one that was as environmentally sensitive as possible.

The Hoshizaki IM45-M was the model chosen which gives the venue the ice required and uses 50% less water and 30% less energy than a comparable unit.

The unit has also been installed inside what is effectively a small storeroom, lacking fresh air, which would trouble most other ice makers, but due to the low heat output of the IM series, it doesn’t present a problem.

Comments from customers and reviewers about the ice directly and how it makes their G&T’s feel like the ones they make at home, together with the incredible reliability to date, has made the owners and operators extremely happy.