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Case Study

Mash Brewing


Mash Brewing opened in April 2006, bringing a new look brewery to the Swan Valley region.

The world class, locally built micro-brewery, has a modern, state of the art set up, and produces a great range of naturally brewed and award winning beers.

The range features both classic and modern style beers, that are all brewed on site, using natural ingredients.

Due to the success of their craft beers and unique set up, Mash Brewing are expanding and recently opened a new venue in Rockingham, in addition to their Swan Valley and Bunbury sites.


Lancer Beverage Systems were engaged to manufacture and supply the draught beer dispensing and gas safety equipment for the new Rockingham venue.

Mash Brewing are different to a traditional pub or club, they both brew and serve beer on the same site.

Mash Brewery Cellar v3This means their set up required two separate chillers, one for the fermentation tanks, and another for the keg cool room.

Two 5kW Siberian Glycol Chillers were installed and handle these tasks with ease.

Glycol is circulated through the fermentation tanks and python on one circuit, while the other chiller circulates the glycol from the cool room to the beer taps – both at sub zero temperatures – to provide perfectly chilled draught beer.

Mash selected the latest style beer fount in the range – the single T Bar Fount – with a stylish brushed stainless steel finish.

Single T Bar Founts are much narrower, and have a relaxed, yet sophisticated appearance.

These beer taps are fully flooded with glycol to provide the coldest possible beer dispensing temperatures at the bar.

To maintain the high quality of their tap beer, Mash Brewing installed a Beerline Cleaning System that draws cleaning chemicals through the beer lines and mixes them.

This reduces the exposure of staff to cleaning fluids, and ensures the beer lines remain exceptionally clean.

Mash also installed two Lancer Gas Monitors in the cool room and fermentation tanks.These C02 gas monitors are designed to warn personnel and customers of asphyxiating gas hazards, and comply with the AS5034 OH&S standard.

The monitors are simple to use, featuring a single button for routine operation and testing. Their distinctive loud and bright alarms ensure staff and customers are quickly notified in the event of a gas leak.


Mash Brewing is extremely pleased with Lancer’s beer dispensing equipment. Their craft beers are dispensed at very cold temperatures, so customers can enjoy fresh draught beer, complemented with great food from Mash’s brasseries.

Mash Brewing have since requested further information from Lancer Beverage Systems to upgrade the glycol chiller systems at their Swan Valley and Bunbury sites.