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Case Study

Metricon Stadium

Metricon Stadium is a multipurpose facility that currently seats 25,000 spectators and will be capable of being extended to 40,000 seats in the future. Metricon Stadium features an AFL oval that will also be capable of holding ICC cricket matches, concerts, festivals, IAAF athletic events and FIFA World Cup soccer matches.

MDA Consultancy, owned and operated by Mike Driscoll, was chosen by the stadium owners to design the layout and specification of the beverage system and POS areas. MDA has many years experience in this field and has specified Lancer’s equipment in many successful stadia.

This brand new stadium was purpose built from the ground up. Lancer Beverage was tasked by Stoddarts with the beverage system fit out because of our significant market leading stadium beverage system expertise.

Lancer Beverage has been involved in the design and installation of draught beer and soft drink systems at the MCG, SCG, Suncorp Stadium, Etihad Stadium, AAMI Stadium, Wembly in the UK, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin NZ and Ausgrid Stadium.

Both MDA and Stoddarts were integral in helping us deliver a world class system.

Featuring 10 bars with 148 beer taps, the beverage system was a great challenge within a tight budget and timeline. Lancer Beverage’s expertise combined with Stoddart client liaison and project management delivered a great result for the customer.

The scale of the installation was massive and includes:

  • 10 x Lancer Ice Cooled Drop Ins which supply cold fountain drinks very quickly after adding ice to the cold plate making them a very flexible option for short term high flow service and no ongoing energy running costs.
  • 5 x S4E Soft Drink Superchillers and 1 x S8E Soft Drink Superchiller. Superchillers are the ideal solution for sustained high flow drink performance and support multiple bar-guns or fountain towers.
  • 29 x Wunderbar Postmix Guns,
  • 6 x Feng Soft Drink Towers
  • 32 x Lancer 4 Tap T-Bar Beer Founts and 4 x Lancer Single Tap Beer Founts which are flooded with Glycol to ensure an ice cold beer every time.
  • 4 x Lancer Multifill Beer Dispensers capable of pouring 1,800 beers an hour, Multifill is the ideal stadium and convention centre solution to serve large, thristy crowds.
  • 4 x Siberian Glycol Beer Chillers and 3 x Everest Beer Chillers linked to 22 x Lancer Chiller Plates to ensure high volumes of draught beer are served ice cold over a sustained service period.
  • 1.2km Lancer Beverage Python
  • 74 x FOB Detectors
  • 14 x AS5034 Beverage Gas Systems to mitigate the risk of CO2 ingestion.
  • 6 x Washout Systems to faciitate regular beer line cleaning to keep the system in good shape.

Catch a time-lapse view of the Stadium’s construction below.