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Case Study

Hawker Hall


Hawker Hall, a vibrant, energetic food and beer hall has opened in what used to be a historic horse stable in Melbourne’s Chapel Street.

The restaurant draws inspiration from the lively hawker centres found in Singapore and Malaysia, the interior design reflects this atmosphere with bright hanging street signs and strip bamboo walls.

Hawker Hall’s food is motivated by the Asian street-food culture consisting of dumplings, buns, curries, Thai infused BBQ meats, stir fries and curries delivering the richness and variety of eating at a food market.

Hawker Hall follows a ‘Forever Independent’ philosophy wherein they choose to offer craft beer on tap which complements their food and is brewed by independent breweries.

Hawker Hall Forever Independent sign

The Lucas Group were building this restaurant from scratch and required unique solutions and designs for their bar.

They had limited space in their cool room and behind the wall at their bar which required a custom design to fit in beer dispense systems.

Having worked with Lancer in the past, Lancer was the clear choice for the Lucas Group and they appointed Lancer to carry out their beer dispense systems and ice machine install.


Lancer fabricated a custom built fount with 18 beer taps and designed a unique wall mounting solution for the bar to dispense 18 different beers.

The solution included a separate custom built fount to pour Hawker Hall’s wines and cocktails.

Lancer carried out a full cool room fit out ensuring the beverages are kept cool with a Siberian Elite Glycol Chiller, Lancer FOB’s to ensure no beer wastage occurs and a LogiCO2 monitor to protect the venue’s staff from any CO2 leaks.


Hawker Hall is buzzing and full of energy, serving delicious flavoursome food paired with cold craft beers poured from Lancer beer dispensing equipment.

“Reliability is very important in this industry and is something we can’t afford to gamble on. We chose to work with Hoshizaki Lancer again because of this and because their beverage and ice equipment has proven to be of superior quality and reliability.”