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Case Study

Royal Randwick Racecourse


The Royal Randwick Racecourse – Australian Turf Club (ATC) is one of the world’s most desirable destinations for racing, events and hospitality in Sydney.

The six-level grandstand and surrounding facilities at Royal Randwick span more than 200 acres with 15 unique indoor and outdoor spaces which can be used for racing and non-race day events.

The racecourse offers a setting with striking trackside and cityscape backdrops, cuisine prepared by award-wining kitchens and free parking. The venue caters for conference events, exhibitions, trade shows, dinners and corporate functions.

The NSW government secured a funding package of $150 million to redevelop Sydney’s Royal Randwick by replacing the existing QE2 and paddock grandstands with a new single, six level state-of-the-art grandstand.

To complement the new modern facilities – new beverage systems which would meet the stringent specifications were required. Lancer worked closely with Sangster Design group to plan and design the new beer dispensing equipment and beverage systems for the venue.


Lancer provided beverage systems that can supply cold beer to 25,000 customers in over 15 outlets over 130 beer taps.

Six Siberian Elite glycol chillers with 8KW and 10KW refrigeration capacities were installed to chill beverages to the perfect temperature.

To ensure the safety of staff and persons, six Lancer LogiCO2 gas monitors were fitted. These monitors are designed specifically to warn personnel of asphyxiating gas hazards thus complying with the AS5034 gas standard.

Icy cold beer travels through beer python supplying 22 four way Tbar founts and 14 Iridium founts. The beer is poured through 130 Lancer beer taps.

Tetragon chiller plates were installed at the new grandstand along with Lancer FOB detectors, Flojet beer pumps and Dosmatic cleaning pumps.

Our equipment was fitted by Channon Refrigeration who was the partner of choice for the installation. Channon Refrigeration have many years of experience carrying out high quality installations in some of Sydney’s most prestigious venues.


Reports from the Royal Randwick state that their new equipment supplied by Lancer Beverage Systems has passed with flying colours.

Our beer dispensing equipment immaculately pours icy cold beverages and as a result keeps huge crowds happy and hydrated.