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Case Study

Star City Casino (Garden Buffet)


Star City Casino is Australia’s second largest Casino with 2 gaming floors, 8 bars, 7 restaurants, 350 hotel rooms and one of Sydney’s premier theatres, the 2,000 seat Lyric Theatre. Formerly know as Sydney’s Star Casino, Star City has been established since 1995.

In late 2008 the Casino was granted a 12 year extension of its exclusivity and license which sparked the Casino’s owners, TABCORP, to engage in “Project Star”, a refurbishment program that is due to be fully completed in 2012.


One of Star City’s 7 dining areas is the Garden Buffet. Being a buffet, all the food and beverage is self-serve and available at the customer’s fingertips. Star City wanted to implement a unique and innovative feel for the customers self serving experience by displaying Lancer’s Slimline Tower bank (with a selection of 8 soft drink flavours to choose from).


The outcome for Star City showcasing Lancer’s stylish and user friendly slimline towers has been successful. The popular beverage towers have proven to be a big hit amongst Star City’s many customers. With the ability of high volume dispensing and service from 8 towers, the constant flow of customers do not get caught waiting in line for a cold beverage.