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Case Study

Yayoi Japanese Restaurant


Australia welcomes its very first Yayoi Japanese restaurant in Sydney, the first outlet of the Japanese chain of Yayoiken restaurants outside of Asia featuring our range of refrigeration, ice and beverage equipment!

Run by Plenus, the company operates nearly 3,000 world renowned food outlets and restaurant chains specialising in noodle bars and Japanese restaurants in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Thailand.

The restaurant, with its simple yet attractive décor, floor-to-ceiling windows and detailed ceramic tableware uses a modern tablet system in which the customer can order meals and beverages, call the waiter and even check the status of their meal during the cooking process all on a tablet!

When ordering off the tablet, the customer can view photographs of the food and beverages. This may or may not make decision making easier!

Yayoi specialises in Teishoku, a traditional meal commonly cooked in Japanese homes which comprises of rice, miso soup, a main dish and two smaller dishes presented on a tray. Japanese cuisine is renowned for serving aesthetically appealing meals which are exceptionally balanced offering an arrangement of meat, vegetables and fish.


Plenus chose Hoshizaki Lancer refrigeration and freezer units, ice makers and draught beer dispense systems so they could have the confidence in knowing their equipment is reliable and will stand up to the rigors of a busy commercial kitchen.

To suit the restaurant’s needs, Liteco Construction installed Hoshizaki Lancer counter and upright refrigerators and freezers from the Commercial Series , a IM-45CNE ice machine, a FM-150KE ice machine and a DBF Automatic Draught Beer Dispenser.


Yayoi japanese restaurant draught beer dispenserThanks to Hoshizaki refrigeration and freezer units, the restaurants fresh and frozen produce is kept at food safe temperatures and is stored in a compact manner which allows full use of the minimal space within the kitchen.

The automatic draught beer dispenser allows staff to pour two draft tap beers quickly, consistently and without any fuss or mess.

“Hoshizaki Lancer provided all the refrigeration equipment in a timely, professional manner. We would not hesitate to work with them again on future projects.” Keiichiro Tomishima, Project Manager, Liteco Construction.