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Case Study

Print Restaurant


The Print Restaurant is an exciting new venue located in the heart of Melbourne. Specialising in Asian style cooking, the venue also has a fully operational bar and Karaoke suites.

The contemporary design incorporates raw steel and stone with timber to create a warm relaxing environment.


The Print Restaurant was looking for an equipment supplier that could provide them with a turnkey solution. The owner Jack Poon has had previous bar fit outs completed by Hoshizaki Lancer, so he once again turned to Hoshizaki Lancer to install a new beer dispensing system, post mix dispensing system, ice machine and refrigeration/freezer cabinets.

“We simply love the Hoshizaki range of products.” Jack Poon


The Print Restaurant is one of Melbourne’s finest Asian restaurants with the funkiest Karaoke bars set in one of Melbourne’s hottest CBD locations. Featuring KMD-201A Ice Machine with B-301SA Storage Bin, Hoshizaki Water Filter HLF-20, 5 x RTE-170SDA Counter Refrigerators 3 Door, RTE-120SDA Counter Refrigerator 2 Door, FTE-170SDA Counter Freezer 3 Door, FTE-120SDA Counter Freezer 2 Door, Polaris SPC44 Beer Chiller, 4 Way T-Bar Fount, 4 x Beer Taps, S4E Soft Drink Superchiller and Soft Drink Bargun Dispenser delivering perfect quality drinks and food to The Print’s clients.

“Apart from the superior performance the other reason we chose Hoshizaki and Lancer for all our beverage, ice and refrigeration equipment is the quality of the products, from the product finish to the warranty.” Jack Poon