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The Puretec

The Puretec

The CD501 is a twin-stage filter system with a 5 micron sediment removal cartridge and a 5 micron granular activated carbon cartridge.


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The Puretec GC Series cartridges effectively reduce unwanted taste, odour, chlorine, volatile chemicals and pesticides leaving beautiful tasting clear water for all drinking water applications. They are designed to allow maximum contact between the water and carbon, ensuring maximum absorption. Available in variety of sizes and flow rates, and effectively provide good general-purpose drinking water filtration.


  • Highly effective taste, odour, chlorine, chemical and sediment reduction.
  • 3 times the capacity of similar cartridges.
  • Designed for maximum absorption.
  • Temperatures up to 52°C.


ModelDimensionsMicron RatingFlow (Lpm)
5”GC205standard 2.5” x 5”20 Post Filter2
9”GC059standard 2.5” x 9”5 Post Filter11
10”GC051standard 2.5” x 10”5 Post Filter13
GC051-SLslimline 2.5” x 10”20 Post Filter11
20”GC202standard 2.5” x 20”20 Post Filter27
10” MPGC20MP1standard 4.5” x 20”20 Post Filter32
20” MPGC20MP2standard 4.5” x 20”20 Post Filter40
Filter MediaGranular Activated Carbon
End CapsPolystyrene
Post-filterSpun Polypropylene
Outer CastingPolystyrene
Expansion PadPolypropylene
GasketsBuna-N (top)
Santoprene (bottom)
Temperature Rating40°F to 125°F (4.4°C to 51.7°C)


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