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Wine On Tap

Wine On Tap

Hassle-free Wine Dispensing with Wine on Tap. No Hassle of Labels, Bottles, and Sturdy wood Corks. Improve your profit margins with the eco-friendly Wine Keg Package. Efficient for usage and Value for money. Now Serve Wine on Tap with optimal temperatures for Ultimate Taste.


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Bottled Wine Service in the Restaurants is tedious. Nowadays, Most of the bars around the world are switching to the Wine on Tap for Quicker and Efficient Service. It helps owners to achieve operational efficiencies and also saves a lot of money on bottled wine.


  • Easily Dispense Wine – Any Time, Anywhere
  • Achieve Operational Efficiencies
  • High-Quality Wine with the Keg Dispensing System
  • Fresh Wine for 90 Days
  • No Waste, No Labels, No Corks – Easy Dispensing System
  • Low Maintenance Cost of the Machine
  • Eco-Friendly – Doesn’t Affect the Nature



You should have Stainless Steel Metal contacts, Fonts, Taps, and Shank Barriers. Polyvinyl for your lines is not recommended.

Avail of Professional Line Cleaning Services or supplies for ultimate hygiene and quality of the product.

For Sparkling Wine, the inline pressure restrictors and flow control tap is required for proper flow and foaming.


No Pressure adjustment is a requirement for Still Wine, as nothing is being carbonated. Just adjust the pressure starting from 4-6PSI for desired flow rate.

In the case of Sparkling Wine, you should maintain PSI between 70-90 PSI Range.


Wine on Tap system and Draft Beer system use different gas for operations. For still Red and White wines, you need to have 100% nitrogen or 100% argon gas. For sparkling wine dispensing, you need 100% CO2 gas for ultimate carbonation.


A long draw system is essential if the kegs are stored away from the taps. The air-cooled or glycol lines are necessary to maintain Wine’s temperature. For sparkling wines, a long-draw system is not recommended due to carbonation loss.

If your bar counter is big enough and you can store the kegs beneath the same, then the direct-draw system is highly recommended. The short distance from the keg to the tap reduces the requirement for cooling and also reduces the issues with carbonation loss.


40 – 45˚ F temperature is ideal for Still White Wine

55 – 60˚ F temperature is ideal for Still Red Wine

33 – 40˚ F temperature is ideal for Sparkling Wine


Wine by Glass is what people prefer the most. With the sophisticated By the Glass ® Wine Dispensing Machine from Lancer WorldWide, serve any kind of wine with efficiency. Smart people choose smart Wine Dispensing Machines.


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