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Wine On Tap

Wine On Tap

Our custom-built Wine on Tap has set a worldwide standard for solidity and reliability. Given its versatility and the many options Wine on Tap offers undoubtedly the largest playground for individual expression and a great presentation of your wines.


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Save Time and Money: Having wine available on tap greatly reduces the workload involved in managing and serving traditionally packaged wines, saving both time and money.

Offer Better Quality: Wine quality is maintained due to the prevention of oxidation, giving you longer lasting wine, at the desired temperature, and your customers a better quality beverage.

Serve Wine Quickly And Easily: Wine can be served by the glass or carafe, quickly and easily, without fussing with bottles and casks.


Save Space And Avoid Waste Due To Breakage: Bag in box and keg wine is easier to handle and store than bottled wine. There is also significantly less chance of wastage and safety concerns from broken bottles.


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We understand how important it is to create a unique atmosphere for your customers and we want to help you achieve it. Let us help show off your great tasting beer and you’ll watch the pours keep coming. Our other services include : Installation of Beer Systems for New and Existing business | Icebank bar chillers | Special event fount beer dispense systems | Wine dispense systems| Preventative Maintenance


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