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Growler Filling Guide

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The beer lovers always want to carry the beer everywhere. Carrying multiple beer bottles is not ideal for anyone. For carrying the beer with the Growler is a much convenient way. Growler is the container, which is used to carry beer around. It keeps the beer chilled and carbonated for a long time. As carrying multiple beer bottles for camping is not ideal, people are preferring the beer growlers.

That’s why Growler is gaining popularity. Filling the Growler is quite easy and convenient. You can quickly fill the Growler with the beer of your choice and install it with the kegerator. It takes a lot less space than the keg. If you are interested in knowing how to fill a growler, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information about filling a growler for your kegerator.

What is a Growler?

Growler is an air-tight container made of glass. It’s an air-sealed container, which is commonly used to transport beer or alcoholic beverages. A Growler is quite small, compared to the beer kegs, which hold hundreds of litres of beer. A standard size Growler can store upto 64 ounces of the beer, which is nearly four pints. It’s small in size, but convenient for the individuals or the families that don’t drink much. You can buy pre-filled growlers from the famous beer brands. Also, you can buy the empty growlers and fill it with the beer of your choice. In this post, we are going to share the ways to fill a growler.

How to Fill a Growler?

Filling the beer growler is a simple process. But as you are dealing with alcoholic beverages, you should always follow the step-by-step procedure. So, here is the exact way to fill a growler with the beer of your choice.

#1 – Rinse the Growler

Rinse washing the Growler is the most important thing to do. You should rinse and clean the Growler thoroughly each time you want to refill. By this way, you can remove the deadly bacteria’s, that may cause health issues or may spoil the taste of the beer. Better to use the boiled water to rinse the Growler thoroughly.

#2 – Freeze the Growler

Freezing is the optional part of this process. But before filling the Growler with the beer, you should always freeze the same. By reducing the temperature, you can retain the flavor of the beer. Most of the time, due to the heat, the beer loses its taste. If you’ve encountered the taste loss, then you should freeze the browser for 10 to 15 minutes and then proceed further although it’s an optional step. So, it’s upto you to follow it or not.

#3 – Attach Growler to the Tap

To fill the beer, you should attach the Growler to the beer Tap. Most of the brands provide the filler tube that fits almost all of the taps. By using the tube, you minimize the spillage and also retain the carbonation. After attaching the growler or filler tube to the Tap, you can proceed further.

#4 – Fill the Growler with Beer

After attaching the Growler with the Tap, you should turn ON the Tap. Make sure not to turn ON the tap for filling the beer. As the beer is carbonated, it will forcefully come out of the Growler. So, slowly fill the Growler to avoid excessive fizzing. Make sure you keep an eye on the inflow, as the Growler can only accommodate four pints worth beer. After filling the Growler, turn OFF the Tap and remove the filler tube.

#5 – Seal the Growler

As the growlers are air-tight containers, they come with the air-tight cap. After removing the filler tube, immediately put the cap ON. This will prevent the beer from going flat. After that, you are ready to take your beer anywhere you want with the Growler.