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Planning to install a Growler? Here’s your guide for the Perfect Growler Fill

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A growler is an air-tight jug that is used for transporting beer and other beverages that are served in bulk and on tap. Filling the growler properly is an important aspect of having a good growler beer experience as it limits the oxygen exposure and keeps the beer in pristine condition.

Here is a guide on how to fill a growler properly.

Step 1: Chill the growler:

It is an optional step but a good one to follow. To chill the growler, you should put it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Never put it in the freezer because it can lead to the formation of ice crystals resulting in excessive release of carbon dioxide.

Step 2: Rinsing growler:

Cleanliness of growler is crucial so make sure that you give it a quick rinse. Make sure you remove dust and other pollutants completely.

Step 3: Attaching growler filler tube to the tap:

The best way to fill a growler is to fill it from the bottom using a growler filler tube. It is not recommended to put it under draft tap because it creates foam and exposes beer to the oxygen. Using the proper method is essential for keeping the beer fresh. It is important to buy a tube that is suitable for the tap you are using.

Step 4: Filling growler:

Once the filler tube is securely attached and inserted in the growler it is time to open the tap and start filling it. You can purge the oxygen from the container by blasting carbon dioxide before filling it.

Step 5: Securing cap:

Secure the cap of growler beer dispenses immediately after filling it so that you can keep carbon inside the container.

Step 6: Wiping down the growler:

Clean the exterior of the growler to make sure there is no spill. Rinse it with cold water before wiping it down.

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