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Lancer launches Brew Fount beer dispensers

Lancer Worldwide Brew Fount

The eye-catchy, customisable draught system is an industry game-changer 

ADELAIDE – OCTOBER 27, 2020 – Lancer Worldwide, a global leader in next-generation beverage dispensing, is proud to announce the launch of its latest beer dispensing system “Brew Fount. The Brew Fount draught system is iconic, and businesses can opt for a customised finish to suit venue designs.

The Australian-engineered Brew Fount is part of a new wave of the customisable draught system that provides a profitable solution to pouring any draught beer at any time in the most energy-efficient package.

Brew Fount marks innovation to create the next-generation experience in beer dispensing with even more rich features than any other product in the market.

Commenting on the launch of Brew Fount, Luke Hobbs – National Beer Sales Manager, AU says, “Lancer Worldwide is proud to announce the launch of Brew Fount. We are pioneers in beverage dispensing technology, bringing product lines that challenge the market status quo. Brew Fount is all set to set new standards in the designs of beer dispensing systems.”

“The average draught system is limited to pouring beer only, but customers continue to demand variety beyond traditional choices. The Brew Fount, with its exclusive see-through design, makes it one of the first that allows consumers to see what they’re drinking, making it more enticing for them to have a chilled drink.” he added.

Brew Fount has a High Polish 304 stainless steel finish, with Plating and Powder coating options available in all Dulux colours. The Fount features a dry nipple tube and can also be requested for custom made dimensions. The Brew Fount entailing a timeless creation offers the people to get a good look at what they’re drinking, making it a pioneer in its product category. 

About Lancer Worldwide

Lancer Worldwide leads in innovation and is committed to delivering a beverage dispensing experience that exceeds customer expectations. Through quality and a passion for innovation, Lancer Worldwide creates products that generate profit for its customers worldwide and give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Lancer Worldwide maintains sales and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. www.lancerbeverage.com